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Site developer working for myprofessions
United Kingdom, London
44 United Kingdom 123456789
Web Developer
  • Company: myprofessions
  • Period: 01 May 2016 - 31 May 2016
test skill 2
test skill 2
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18 Aug 17 25 Aug 17 ×
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test product 2 Free
test Hourly £22.00 United Kingdom Pound
Qualification Level Grade
IT Software and Presenting Information Distinction O-Level
Developing a Software Solution Not applicable Not applicable
Swap Professions for
art critic and historian
ok not really looking for an art critic but if something stands out on the site feel free to drop an email through contact us. This is really to demonstrate multiple selection of profession swap. User A has professions XYZ and wishes to change any of XYZ for others who may have professions A B or C. You can also provide a product / product type and rate if required
Systems Testing
  • Period: 03 May 2017
testing a requirement - need a system testing expert - example advert