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Post/Zip code registration for the following countries:

United Kingdom
United States

All other countries are supported and can register using city names

Email verification

Please ensure you have checked your emails and validated your email address. If you haven't verified then please check either wizard or profile pages to initiate a new request. Failing to do so will stop adverts and profiles from appearing on search results

Professional registration

At least one profession must be declared as a professional, either use existing auto complete feature or declare a new profession

Client registration

Client and professional accounts are identical meaning you can easily add a profession to your profile. Simply visit the wizard and update your professions. Request categories are restricted to existing professions.
Totally free to use this service and post as many requests as you wish.

Job acceptance

As a professional you can place an offer for any given available requests. If your offer is selected a 0.5% charge is charged to your account from overall estimate of your offer. The charge can be paid via paypal and will automatically appear when required.

Profile ratings

All new professionals will start with 0 star rating. Ratings can be increased by placing offers on requests. When your offer(s) are accepted and you have completed the job. Click on 'Jobs Accepted' and mark this offer as completed. This will trigger an email back to requester so that they can leave feedback and give a rating out of 5. Score provided will enhance star rating:
break down: (1,2 = 0 stars) (3,4 = +1 star) (5=+2 on stars).
Only costs involved with using this service is the 0.5% surcharge explained above, all other features are free.

Email and chat privacy

Default privacy configuration will give capability to general web users i.e. non members to initiate chat/email requests from your profile page. Non members are required to verify each request by entering a pin emailed to them before they can initiate communications with a memeber. You can fine tune your chat/email settings in wizard privacy settings.

Swapping professions

Within the configuration wizard you will find swap professions. This is a community feature and totally free to use.
You should then find you appear on swap listing once you have at least one profession and provided at least one swap profession. It is up to you to follow up any users who have advertised. You may even wish to help by offering your services for free to eldery/poorer members of your community.

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